Entry #4

A little nervous on doing frame by frame

2008-08-06 22:23:05 by Topaz989

Well I'm working on my second flash for here. I decided to put off my next humor flash for later and opt for a more serious one for sake of working on FBF animation. I'm about 20-30 ish percent done. So far some of the FBF looks nice, but there are a couple that look a little robotic for my tastes. Mainly, when a character turns, they look like those old 3D games where the character does a 180 with their feet firmly planted on the ground :p.

I've managed to do a good job with limiting my Motion tweening to just zooming and scrolling. I just don't want to become someone who becomes dependent on tweening.

I hope I'll be able to have everything tweaked and ready by November. That's my deadline since I don't know how much school will affect my schedule. October or September at the earliest. While it looks a whole lot nicer than my first one, I can't show any new screen shots of it. It is mainly because I want to surprise someone with it.


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2008-08-07 12:11:36

Just keep up the practice with the fbf. It's hard at the beginning, and even harder when drawing poses you're not used to and animating them. But with a lot of practice you'll be surprised at how easy it gets. Or at least how better you are at it.

Good luck.

Topaz989 responds:

That's exactly how I feel. It is starting to get a little easier and every time I manage to do something with FBF that runs smoothly, I get so excited. In a way, its easier than MTing, because once you get the rough done (I don't know what it is called) and you apply the actual graphics, it looks nice the first time.


2008-09-09 00:34:29

Good luck with your second movie here.
Unfortunately, since the most technological thing I know involving art on the computer consists entirely of Microsoft Paint, I can't give you any real good tips to help you along your journey. Well, based on your previous entry, you should do fine.
It's always fun watching an animator turn from an amiteur aniator to a master of their trade. Who knows, some day you might be as well recognized as Egoraptor or SamBakZa?

So, once again, good luck!