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2008-02-01 19:35:37 by Topaz989

Now go away you stupid crying face.


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2008-02-24 10:40:09

I will have you know that I could kick your ass as Pichu, who I have won tournaments with :P
Either way good movie hah

Topaz989 responds:

I will have you know that you probably will kick my ass with Pichu... because I kind've suck at the game and use mainly Jigglypuff's touch of death.

I'm glad you liked it. :)


2008-08-27 16:28:55

i dont kowe WHAT THE FUCKING HELL WHERE THAY WHER THINGK OF Pichu is cool i like him but why thay did not put him on Super Smash bors brall he is asom i might briing him back i dam well try