I'm in the top 10K blams and saves!

2008-02-26 20:21:15 by Topaz989

Go me!


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2008-02-26 20:23:31

Ahh. Welcome to the club
The Top 5K gets a lounge, though, so hurry up and catch up ^^

Topaz989 responds:

There's a lounge! Holy shit! Everyday is a new discovery here!


2008-02-26 20:24:30

Oh, and why did you alter your last post? Now people will think I'm a silly son of a bitch.
And who doesn't use Jigglypuff's touch of death?

Topaz989 responds:

I altered my last post? Oh I didn't know I did that :p. Besides, no one is going to probably use Jigglypuff's touch of death. I heard it's been SEVERELY nerfed. Now it won't even kill anymore >: (


2008-02-26 20:52:17

*Sigh* That's what happens when a character has one move everyone uses... but twenty dollars says Captain Falcon still has the Knee (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /387503).
Anyway, my favorite thing to do with Jigglypuff is her rollout. It has such potential for suicide I can't refuse!