PINIS! What are the chances....

2008-03-13 10:38:45 by Topaz989

Man, what are the chances of this happening. I was watching some movies on Youtube. I scroll at the bottom and they tell me that I've posted too many comments. Okay... well that's nice. Cuts down on spam... and if I want to say anything I'll just type in the word. Well guess what the word was? Yeah, Youtube just told me that if I want to write a comment... I have to say... pinis. Not penis because they are classy like that. Just pinis to bypass the censorship.

Here's a screen cap. The only thing I did to it was crop it so it would be easier to load. Other than that I HAVE DONE NOTHING TO THIS PICTURE! Oddly enough, it was a video on Sherly Roper (the woman who's cult goes to military funerals and pickets them with signs saying "God hates fags"). I guess that's just God's way of telling her to piss off.

Man Youtube, why can't you be like every other site and have people use letters and numbers instead?

PINIS! What are the chances....


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2008-03-14 03:11:37

Wow, coincidence and ironic, all in the same punch. 0_0 What are the odds of running into that? Wow...

I'm thinking that YouTube wanted to simplify the passcode for people. (which is failing, miserably, SPAMmers everywhere.) But that picture made my day. Thanks! :)


2008-04-04 07:46:55

ha ha wow what a coincidence what are the odds lol you rarely come across videos with too many comments let alone that lucky that you saved that picture it made my day as well.


2008-04-12 12:13:51

shut up betty


2008-04-15 19:15:07

That is amazing. I am prepared to watch as many videos as I can until I encounter something this awesome.